5 Day Meal Prep
5 Day Meal Prep 5 Day Meal Prep 5 Day Meal Prep 5 Day Meal Prep 5 Day Meal Prep 5 Day Meal Prep

For those who like to have a splurge at the weekend, give our 5 Day package a go. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks a day for just £23 including delivery! As always if there is anything you are allergic to, please let us know in the comments box when you order.

How it works: We deliver your hampers containing all of the food you will require for your 5 Day Meal Prep Plan.  All of our dishes are nutritionally balanced and are made with fresh ingredients & are packed with fruit and veg!

Example Menu:


Granola and greek yogurt, Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bar, Steak and mushroom Omelette, Salmon and Avocado with Oatcakes, Berry Yogurt


Chicken and Wild Mushroom Soup, Summer Slaw with Tuna, Beetroot Falafel with Quinoa and Raita, Japanese Salmon Salad, Superfood Salad with Chicken.


Chicken Putanesca, Thai Chicken Soup, Salmon Sweet Potato Mash and Broccoli, Lime and Chilli Chicken Thighs with Quinoa, Veggie Chilli with Brown Basmati Rice.


Orange and Ginger Brownie, Nut Brittle, Carrot Cake Muffin, Crudites and Hummus, Cajun Chicken Drumsticks