Raw has been roaring this summer!

Bliss balls, cacao bars and cashew 'cheesecakes' spill from our on line delivery at www.restorejuice.co.uk and whole food stores across the world.

The claim is that cooking food at high heat destroys enzymes that provide many health benefits.  However; the vitamins and minerals in the bulk of the vegetables that raw foodies speak of are embedded in the plants cellulose cell walls, which require cooking to be absorbed by the body.  Plus, raw deserts are a sugar disaster. They mostly contain a ton of agave nectar and dates, racking up far more fructose than many of your favorite sweets. And the COST- both to the purse and the environment!  Coconut flesh doesn't grow on trees you know (at least not in the UK)


Add a little raw food to your diet, like salad every now and then. Sound sensible?  And don't blast the bejesus out of your food.  Cooking your vegetables slow and at low temperatures will preserve most of the enzymes and vitamins.  Why not add some fermented foods into the mix?  Look out for Kombucha Scoby Rackets (a fermented tea).  There are so many health benefits to be gained from this weird and wonderful drink, uplifted moods, pro-biotic gut healing, reduced sugar cravings and anti-inflammatory support.  Be sure to -look out for the low sugar options that contain 1-2% sugar vs the more commercial brands than can contain more.

Want to know a science backed secret?

Our bodies detox perfectly well on their own.
They do it daily.
It's called, errm, urination.

Also, our bodies detox best with… wait for it! REAL, WHOLE FOODS!

Welcome to a whole new world at The Restore Juice Company.

Here’s what you need to know about juice detoxes; your typical juice detox or liquid diets leave you hungry and constipated.  As colon specialist’s here at The Restore Juice Company we are privy to this daily.  Your gut needs fibre to pass motions and maintain the right bacteria balance.  These diets can actually slow your metabolism, prolonged periods of restricted calories send it into starvation mode, causing the body to store energy.  Your conventional juice detoxes are mostly full of 3-5 servings of fruit to enhance the taste and flavour which, when the fibre is removed, provide instant sugary dumps to the liver, all served up in a cute little bottle. Liquid sugar like this is immediately stored as, wait for it… FAT! And for an added dose of cruel irony, vitamins A, E, K and D, the essentials found in fruit and vegetable juices are fat soluble.  We simply don't absorb these on fat-free juice detoxes.


At our Restore kitchen we're interested in sending out vegetable based juices.  We get the benefits to you by extracting the juice via a cold-press (also known as slow juicing) from vegetables (with minimal fruit).  This retains the vitamins and nutrients found in the vegetables with minimum pulp providing a fibre boost & eliminated food wastage.  This allows you to add fat too your detox in the form of avocado, coconut oil and nuts.